I can feel it inside of my bones--like a disease, a sickness, a monster furiously clawing it's way to the

Wood, Iron, steel, concrete, brick, stone, and flesh cohabitating in an urban jungle.  Clashing textures, crashing noises, conflicting ideas all


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Jordan Terra

With love and passion, create fierce, wearable art that ignites joy and adventure wherever it goes.

Like vibrant, dynamic graffiti coloring urban rubble–gritty, sexy, fierce, and undeniably alive–Jordan Terra’s design aesthetic is a reflection of her soul, a mirror that allows others to see the world as she does.

Unabashed in her artistic approach, Jordan Terra lives the same way. Unafraid of the unexpected and always willing to heed the call of everyday adventure–those quirky, random moments that make life beautiful, like bringing smiles to strangers, something that the magnetic energy of her clothing achieves. She aims for her customers to radiate that same contagious joy.

Her first love, math, became her conduit to creation. Since age 14, she has been honing her pattern making and sewing skills while designing and fabricating all her own clothing. She fell in love with the entire process, so focusing solely on one component was never an option; therefore, her experiences in the field are diverse.

She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she has contributed work to TV pilots, music videos, and feature length films as a designer and a seamstress, modeled, organized fashion shows, raised money for charity, and had her creations showcased in a traveling museum exhibit.

Jordan Terra invites you to escape the mundane, and join her on a fashion-fueled journey of everyday magic and adventure anywhere!

Jordan Terra


Jordan Terra

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