Clash Catalysts/A Scarf Collection

Clash Catalysts

DECEMBER 9, 2015 by Jordan Terra

Wood, Iron, steel, concrete, brick, stone, and flesh cohabitating in an urban jungle.  Clashing textures, crashing noises, conflicting ideas all collide to create a dynamic environment of charisma and potent energy.  The constant stonewall of consistent confrontation keeps the inhabitants nimble–always forcing their way forward through an endless sea of dispute.

Life in the wild and unknown environment of a city is trying, and only the strong survive, willing to wade through the oncoming storm armed with nothing but the clothing on their back.  Those continuous battles through incredible danger are what keep us alive, what keep us holding onto our spark, and what makes us evolve, but don’t just weather the storm–conquer it, smash through it, make an impact.  Dress up everywhere you go and swagger like you don’t give a fuck. Encounter the world in fabulous clothing like the rift caused by the universe’s conflicting ideas and emotions doesn’t even phase you.

Be a catalyst.  Change the world by just being yourself, and wear the accessory equivalent–a scarf.  Elegant in its simplicity, yet utterly complex in its ability to jolt an outfit into existence.  Liven your wardrobe with a magical tube of fabric!  Join the fray for individuality–wear a scarf–make a statement, make an impact, and change the lives of the people around you.

Clash Catalyst, a scarf collection:

Colors, patterns, textures, all collide in a cataclysm of visual offense.  So bad but so good, it should be a sin.  Pair with anything and everything–especially more scarves!  Make a statement or make your outfit.  Color your world or tone down your color.  Keep yourself warm–wear them out or wear them naked.  Make love to your man with a scarf on–blindfold him, tie him up, rope him into some mischief with your scarf. Nerd out with your scarf on–I am now.  Get drunk with your scarf on–I am now.  Spill wine on your scarf and then buy another one because money is made up and scarves are made with love!  Clash with the world in your scarf because conflict is what keeps us alive, conflict is what keeps life interesting, and conflict is what inspired your scarf.

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